ThermaCAM Researcher

Powerful, real-time digital storage and analysis software



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Infrared cameras are successfully used in R&D applications to speed up and verify the design process, as well as enabling fast, non-invasive and precise detection of deficiencies. With ThermaCAM Researcher the benefits and use of an infrared camera can be further extended and allow more in depth analyses to be made.

ThermaCAM Researcher Professional is a robust real-time digital storage, measurement, and analysis software. Extremely versatile, Researcher digitally stores and retrieves static and real-time infrared images, live IR digital video sequences, dynamic high-speed events and data directly from the FLIR IR camera allowing in-depth and precise analysis of thermal events.

Powerful Temperature Analysis

Built-in measurement functions provide fast and extensive temperature analysis including: isotherms, spot measurements, line and area measurements, and custom formulas – add up to 100 individual measurement tools to a single IR image. Create line profiles and histogram charts for more in-depth analysis of area and line tools. Object parameters such as emissivity, distance, reflected temperature, etc., can be modified, even after an image or sequence has been stored to disk. All measurement tools allow independent emissivity and distance settings.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful temperature analysis

  • Static image, high-speed IR video and data analysis

  • Easy data export- automatically convert IR images to avi, bmp, or MATLAB® formats

  • Image subtraction

  • Automatic temperature vs. time plotting

  • Fully control IR camera from a PC

  • Connect multiple cameras via FireWire interface

  • Support for FLIR SC660/SC620 windowing and 120 Hz (ThermaCAM Researcher 2.10)

  • Variable image reply rate

  • Custom formulas

  • OLE-2 automation

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 7 compatible

  • Compatible with a wide variety of IR cameras (Three versions: FLIR Researcher 2.8/FLIR Researcher 2.9/FLIR Researcher 2.10)


 Researcher 1.png  researcher 2.png    Researcher 3.png 
Histogram chart shows relative distribution of temperature within a user-defined area.
Temperature vs. time data analyzed using the Plot module. ThermaCAM Researcher measurement tools allow extensive thermal analysis.