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FLIR veröffentlicht regelmässig Anwenderberichte, die darüber informieren wie Kunden FLIR Kameras und Wärmebildsysteme in der Praxis nutzen.

Building Diagnostics


Gubba cold storage uses thermal imaging to guarantee best cold storage conditions

Since 1987, Gubba Group Ltd. has been offering cold storage services out of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Gubba Cold Storage’s eleven cold storage units are operational on a 24/7 basis and offer infrastructure for stocking seeds, pharmaceuticals products as well as agricultural products. Every stored product in the cold storage facilities has its own set of prescribed temperature settings. Understandably, with the continuous operation of Gubba Cold Storage’s facilities lead to high energy consumption.

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FLIR thermal imaging cameras reveal hidden defects in floor heating systems

The best heating system a house can have is the one you don’t realize is there. That is why radiant floor heating systems are so appealing and increasingly popular. However, their invisibility can also be a disadvantage. Because, how can you tell when something is wrong with your heating system? The only efficient way you can do this is by using a thermal imaging camera.

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Defeating pests at hide-&-seek with FLIR thermal imaging cameras

Infrared technology has a wide variety of applications in domestic settings as well as for industry. Termite Solutions in Queensland, Australia has been specialising in termite inspections and treatments since 1996, and started utilising FLIR thermal imaging cameras in 2005. “For our company it began an odyssey in innovation. It has become a standard part of our equipment now and we couldn’t imagine doing our job without it,” states Mal Brewer, proprietor of Termite Solutions.

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FLIR cameras support analysis and diagnosis of external thermal insulation systems

External thermal insulation systems have become increasingly important in the European construction marketplace. Encouraged by increasingly stringent energy certification requirements and energy efficiency regulations for buildings, constructors are paying more attention to efficient placement of these systems. Unfortunately, many square meters of external thermal insulation systems on new or existing buildings have been installed without using the best practices.

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Untersuchung von Außenwänden mit hoch präzisen Wärmebildkameras

Seit dem Erdbeben im Jahr 2011 im östlichen Teil ihres Landes interessiert sich die japanische Bevölkerung deutlich mehr für die Standfestigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit bestehender Gebäude. UDI Corporation, ein von der Regierung benanntes privates Unternehmen, wurde im April 2001 gegründet, um einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit die unterschiedlichsten Dienstleistungen im Bereich Gebäudeinspektion anbieten zu können. Unter anderem nutzt UDI die Thermografie zur Untersuchung von Außenwänden. Das Unternehmen arbeitet dazu mit Wärmebildkameras von FLIR.

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The building diagnostic tool preferred by professional home inspectors

Purchasing a house is a major financial investment for anyone. Since a house is fundamental to security of life, it is immensely important to invest in the right property. As the leading expert of home inspection in Japan, first-class architect Mr. Hiroshi Ichimura, uses FLIR’s infrared thermography for building diagnosis. Mr. Ichimura has established his “Home and Estate Consulting Center” to provide inspection and diagnostic services in line with customer’s requirements.

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Thermografie-Drohne für Luftaufnahmen mit der Wärmebildkamera FLIR T640bx

Thermografie ist in den letzten Jahrzehnten zu einem wichtigen Thema in Industrie und Bausektor geworden. Eine neue Entwicklung stellen dabei thermografische Untersuchungen aus der Luft dar. Mittels einer Drohne können Infrarotkameras insbesondere bei Inspektionen von Photovoltaik-Anlagen wertvolle Dienste leisten.

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Inspection of climate control ceilings using thermal imaging cameras

Many companies and offices develop new and contemporary working styles characterised by flexibility and efficiency. For this, the quality of the interior climate is of great importance.  Architects are responding to this with ceilings that can be quickly adapted. Climate control ceilings offer unparalleled freedom of choice in this and surprising application possibilities in style, appearance, size, function and performance.

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Insulation of commercial walk in freezers checked with thermal imaging

Enterprises that need to store large amounts of goods at temperatures well below the freezing point of water often install large walk in freezers on their premises. These large freezers are capable of keeping whole rooms full of these goods, usually foodstuffs, at very low temperatures. There is just one downside: cooling requires a lot of energy. It is therefore very important that no outside heat leaks in. To make sure that the freezer's insulation is working properly, thermographers inspect the insulation material with a thermal imaging camera.

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Böttcher, thermal imaging shows latent building issues

Buildings can develop faults which cannot be seen with the naked eye, but with a FLIR thermal imaging camera these problems are relatively easy to identify. Whether you’re looking for poor or inadequate insulation, air leakage, heating and plumbing issues, water damages due to leaks or condensation or mold problems, thermal imaging provides an invaluable tool to identify and locate these problems.

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Thermal imaging cameras from FLIR help optimize low-cost housing solution

As part of its many charity projects ArcelorMittal has developed steel based housing solutions for Romanian families in need. The houses needed to be simple, safe, decent, and above all: well insulated. That is where FLIR thermal imaging plays an important role. Research and development professionals at ArcelorMittal Liège Research used FLIR thermal imaging cameras to optimize the design of this housing solution.

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Worldwide stonewool insulation market leader recommends FLIR thermal imaging cameras

Insulation material manufacturer Rockwool has establishments all over the world and is considered by many to be the global market leader in the insulation business. Recently Rockwool Germany has started a thermography project, recommending FLIR thermal imaging cameras. “As the stonewool insulation market leader we wanted to work with the market leader in thermal imaging, so that's why we turned to FLIR”, explains Verena Pieper, the marketing manager responsible for the thermography program at Rockwool.

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Energy Auditing & Inspection Application Stories


FLIR cameras save repair time and heating costs at hospital group

A hospital is good example of a facility management-intensive object. Its core business is a clear priority: healing people. And secondary processes, such as power supply, heating, ventilation, and maintenance are vital to support this main business. Moreover, economic laws of market and efficiency increasingly apply to the medical sector and its facilities, especially in times of high energy costs and strained public spending budgets.

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FLIR B-Series infrared camera optimizes housing construction

As energy prices soar, the market for low-energy house building is becoming promising all over Europe. Infrared cameras are used to check the building substance and air circulation during and after the construction phase.

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Infrarotkamera FLIR B360 bringt die Wahrheit über Wände und Fassaden ans Licht

Die Qualität der Gebäudeisolierung gewinnt immer mehr an Bedeutung, da die Heizkosten rapide steigen. Eine Infrarotkamera für Gebäudeanwendungen und das Auge des Experten können viel zum Energiesparen beitragen.

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Wärmebildtechnik unterstützt Globus Baumarkt bei der Suche nach Dämmungsproblemen

Die Thermografie ist ein leistungsfähiges Verfahren, um die Energieeffizienz eines Gebäudes zu bestimmen. Die deutsche Baumarktkette Globus Baumarkt hat dies erkannt und eine FLIR B365 und 24 FLIR B335 Kameras für die Erstellung von Energie-Audits erworben.

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Property & Facility Management Application Stories


FLIR thermal imaging cameras provide solid proof for Italian court case

All over the world building issues lead to court cases. The biggest challenge in finding out the truth is to obtain solid facts. In many cases related to building issues, thermal imaging cameras from FLIR systems can provide exactly the kind of information needed to draw the right conclusions.

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HVAC & Plumbing Application Stories


Swedish hospital maintains heating and ventilation system with thermal imaging

In hospitals climate control is of critical importance, to ensure both hygiene and comfort for the patients and personnel. That is why the technical staff of a Swedish hospital, has acquired a FLIR thermal imaging camera to inspect and maintain the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The FLIR thermal imaging camera is an ideal tool for this, but it also sees use in other areas such as building insulation inspections and electrical maintenance inspections. It has certainly proven its worth, according to the maintenance technicians of the hospital.

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Inspecting building insulation, HVAC systems and refridgeration units with thermal imaging

Building inspectors have been using FLIR thermal imaging cameras for energy audits for decades, but the investment cost prevented many building and installation companies from buying one. In recent years increasingly affordable models have entered the market. One of the building professionals that leaped at the opportunity is Björn Blomgren of the Nybro, Sweden, based service company Hammarstedts.

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Moisture & Restoration Application Stories


FLIR Wärmebildkamera hilft bei der Suche nach Undichtigkeiten in italienischem Swimmingpool-

Der Verwalter einer Ferienanlage auf der italienischen Insel Sardinien stellte ein Problem im Bereich des Swimmingpools fest: Er war undicht. Sehr sogar. Pro Tag verlor er fast 19.000 Liter Wasser. Diese Ferienanlage befindet sich im Dorf Porto Rotondo an der Costa Smeralda, der nordöstlichen Küste Sardiniens, einem sehr beliebten und darum verhältnismäßig teuren Urlaubsziel. Das Problem wurde zu Beginn des Sommers entdeckt, kurz vor der Hochsaison, also musste das Leck schnellstmöglich noch vor Ankunft der Gäste behoben werden.

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The Vatican is getting a face-lift with the help of infrared thermography

Infrared thermography is being used to control the physical characteristics and to determine the state of preservation of the Façade of the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This Basilica is widely recognised as the centrepiece of Christianity and the Vatican City.

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Post-earthquake aided by IR Thermography applied to cultural heritage

Monuments carrying centuries of history, Important buildings, like Churches, palaces or castles, in the city of Aquila or smaller villages nearby needs to be quickly restored, but first of all checked. Unfortunately, not only human beings, but even precious frescoes must be evaluated in order to be saved. The emergency needs fast, safe, reliable tools.

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Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Preserve Italy’s Cultural Heritage

Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Preserve Italy’s Cultural Heritage

Good maintenance of these buildings is crucial for their preservation. No one would want the Cathedral of Gravina in Puglia to deteriorate into a ruin, for instance. That is why the Altamura, Italy, based survey company IR HotSpot investigates historical buildings with a FLIR SC660 thermal imaging camera, looking for water damage and other building defects.

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