Chameleon3 USB3 Camera Resources

Information Where to Find
Datasheet CM3-U3-13Y3 Datasheet
CM3-U3-31S4 Datasheet
CM3-U3-50S5 Datasheet
EMVA Imaging Performance Specifications
Sensor Review
CM3-U3 EMVA Performance Specifications
Machine Vision Camera Sensor Review
3D CAD Models | Drawings CM3-U3 CAD Models Cased / CM3-U3-CAD Models Board Level
Accessories and Lenses
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CM3-U3-13Y3-BD2 Color / CM3-U3-13Y3-BD2 Mono
CM3-U3-13Y3 Color / CM3-U3-13Y3 Mono
CM3-U3-31S4 Color / CM3-U3-31S4 Mono
CM3-U3-50S5 Color / CM3-U3-50S5 Mono
Lens Calculator Lens Calculator
Quick Start Guide to install camera and software CM3-U3 Getting Started Manual
Installation instructions | Camera Controls |
Firmware Updating | Hardware Mechanical
Characteristics | Feature Definitions
CM3-U3 Technical Reference
Spinnaker Software Development Kit
C++ Programmer's Guide
(C# / C Guide included in SDK download)
Using the SpinView app
Download Spinnaker SDK
Spinnaker Programmer's Guide

Getting Started with SpinView
Spinnaker API sample code
Application specific sample code
Spinnaker Examples
Teledyne-MV GitHub repo
Knowledge Base articles CM3-U3 support page
Firmware downloads and release notes CM3-U3 support page downloads
Contact Sales or Support Contact a Machine Vision Specialist
Request return or repair Submit RMA