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1/4 DIN Temperature PID Controller with Two Relay Outputs

Extech 96VFL11

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The Extech 96VFL11 Temperature PID Controller offers fuzzy logic enhanced PID and a soft-start feature that protects heaters from cold-starts. PID plus fuzzy logic tackles even the most demanding applications, eliminating over-shoot, unwanted process fluctuations, and drift. The soft start feature is ideally suited for processes such as those employed in the Thermo-Plastics industry: where careful, exact, and slow heating of the product is required. Accepts thermocouple and RTD inputs. It includes single stage ramp and soak program with ramp-to-set point limit that can be combined with the soft start feature for critical process demands. Complete with mounting bracket hardware and screw terminals for easy wiring. It is also available with 4-20 mA output (96VFL13).

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Extech 96VFL11